It’s time to stop
deforestation now.
Reconnect the Atlantic Forest!

The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is the world’s most important ecosystem next to the Amazon forest - and the most deforested biome of Brazil.

Less than 15% of the forest remains, and if we don’t take action now, it will be gone within a generation.

That’s why Retopia, a partnership between Arne Quinze and Go Forest, is working hard to restore the Atlantic Forest. But we can’t do this alone. We need your donations.

I try to show people the beauty of nature so they realize that we must do everything possible to preserve it. We must do something now.

— Arne Quinze

6 reasons why you should donate to Retopia NOW!

  • Your donation will help us replant the Atlantic Forest and preserve its vital ecosystem - of which less than 15% remains.

  • You’ll make a huge impact on the environment by capturing more than 381 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per hectare in 30 years.

  • You’re supporting the local communities by creating hundreds of jobs (like seed gatherers, tree planters,..) and helping locals to produce up to 300 kgs of food per tree.

  • You’re improving biodiversity, giving a home to threatened wildlife, such as the black lion tamarin and the jaguar.

  • Your planted trees will have a digital certificate in the blockchain, making it possible to easily share it with others.

  • You’ll receive a detailed report on the progress of the reforestation project every 6 months, supplemented with drone and satellite footage.

Map of Brazil

Why is it important to save the Atlantic Forest?

The great Atlantic Forest that stretched more than 3,300 km along the Atlantic coast, rising from the sea level to 2,700 m of altitude - with patches in Paraguay and Argentina as well – is reduced to less than 15% of its original cover.